Friday, 10 August 2018

Be care Stick worms

Add the stick at the body of broken bodies strong and defined in the week that the United States, the epidemic level of 85% of Americans belly of being infected with the body of the stick worm
I predicted 6 months Serious restaurant with selected food and pets, then you want to be advised to wash the cell phone to kill the parasites enter the body, and the observance of many doctors do not carefully study the most important steps in relation to the animal parasites strong eyes and see everybody knows the hard daily life can be infected with the parasites enter the body of living because of Broken Sword and faced with ever parasites may not think you felt so sick to normal because of broken lives parasites strong because the Damage Is not as strong because the type of bodies , the more the amount is very small number of Countries, any Where in the body the blood are able to Journey through the parasitic Victims of human Nutrition to Eat, so this irritation, could lose its Combat parasitic worms Some argue their opinions autiommune disorder tend to get heading in the deterioration of the immune system
Heart worms
: This worm found are often very rare to see if the heart is often found တစ်ကောင်တည်း 

Tape worms; The worm infected fish from eating pork meat to feed the hair carefully, especially if possible to enter the lower intestine, so it usually is not infected meat handling gloves and washing hands should be washed in soap and change
Pin worms; S called intestinal and lung often pigeon eggs into the night would often come down egg process the smaller animals are put back in the body spa when you can hand code put nails on the other hand, but powerful, which often remain flat cells devoted to the wind and blown about Basque A small amount can enter the lungs when breathing
Hook worms and Thred worm; The best type of clean drinking water is often transmitted from the hair or feet of infected by the size of a very small, bare legs from the skin so it can be accessed easily and without the need to clean shoes for many years, this type of card bodies can live up to twelve eggs eggs night
symploms of parasite infuction; If you have been infected with parasites thickness = diarrhea or stomach
GIVEN nausea
Very tired
Intestinal and stomach cramps to forbear 
Senses dizziness
Tap the number of

Oral pale hot
Anal itching, especially in the nighttime 
Difficult to sleep, a healthy body is difficult to control (consumed)
Itchy feet when coughing blood around fast heartbeat, anemia, eye Judith Ann
Often get whooping cough

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